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Art in Anversa

In a traditional Italian village tucked high in the light-drenched landscape, The Abruzzi Mountain Workshop offers a creative, spiritual home for students, groups and independent artists.

Designed for artists at any level, each Workshop is a week-long immersion into a particular art form—from Painting and Drawing to Sculpture, Fresco, Mural, Encaustic or Collage.

Your time in Anversa will not only be about creating art, but about being an artist, about opening your senses, taking the timesketching 'al fresco' on a sunny day to truly see (and taste and hear). Classes will encourage creativity by awakening you to the textures of a stunning natural environment along with the warmth of Old World village life.

Each workshop begins with a two day intensive class in Drawing along with discussions on Color Theory. These serve as our foundation for work in all art forms—preparing students to "see" with a fresh eye in the vibrant light and color of the limestone mountains.

Drawing classes are held in the studio and on location in hills and neighboring villages. During the week, we'll also work by moonlight and candlelight, we'll collect sand for frescoes and create colors and collages from materials we find in nature.

The small size and personal emphasis of each Workshop allow an intimate artistic dialogue to develop. While each studentfigure sculpting class chooses his or her own subjects and materials, everyone keeps a sketchbook and journal.

These collected ideas and insights are shared daily with the group. Along with critiques by instructors, they help connect the inner process with our experience of a new world and the work we begin to create.

By the end of the week, you'll feel yourself a part of the village, you'll know the people and character of the land, and you'll take a new creative spirit back home.


The Workshop welcomes groups of four to ten students, who may attend a scheduled session or arrange a customized week focusing on a medium or technique of their choosing.

Teachers may also bring classes to Anversa, inspiring their students with a new clarity and focus as they work in our spectacular setting.

Professional instruction and materials in all media are available. Rooms and meals are supplied along with assistance in exploring the Abruzzo region. Please contact us for available weeks and fees.

   Independent Artists

artist painting in anversaPainters, sculptors and other artists have long sought the light and color of the Abruzzi's silvery cliffs and lush valleys. Continuing in this tradition, the Workshop offers a complete studio for rent to independent artists.

Housing, meals, materials and inspiration all await you here, and you may work alone or alongside Workshop groups (during scheduled sessions). Please contact us for available weeks and fees.

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"There are times in everyone's life when they need a special moment in order to continue the paths they need to take.
The past week in Anversa was that for me."
Lorna, WA 
"The Anversa workshop reminded me again of why I want to be an artist. The beauty of the village, of the surrounding countryside and of the people are things I shall always cherish in my heart."
Adele, CA